Our team loves the opportunity to take on new challenges, especially with the successful vehicle graphic products that we offer. We were recently approached by the local company, Edgemont Stone and Supply, for a custom fabrication of their existing brand. This was a great project, and we were quick to get to work.


The client currently had a vehicle decal on their crane truck doors. This design featured a custom red color against a white contrasting background, and direct messaging of their company image. We took this existing logo, and produced a larger graphic using high performance vinyl for a vibrant look. Expanding the graphic to cover their van side was an easy fix, and the client was thrilled with the results!


Investing in Marketing Success


Our team prides itself on the production of high quality products through the use of premium substrates, fabrication equipment, and designs. The overall package will be sure to meet client goals head on!


The process begins with a complete assessment of your requests, and goals. We provide a free consultation to gather these details, and develop a plan to use the best product, installation methods, and more!


Vehicle graphics are a high impact product that many types of businesses and industries can benefit from. Are you a service providing business that visits consumers at their homes or establishment? Impress your brand upon neighbors and friends for a long-lasting impression. Do you travel to and from work on a long commute? Use your vehicle to deliver direct messages with new audiences during every drive. This is great for sales, promotions, and more!


Every type of graphic features the customization that is needed for a huge impact with the public. Custom colors, fonts, borders, and backgrounds are only the beginning. We also offer industry related images, high resolution photos, and even your own images for graphic appeal. Speak with our design team, and let us begin planning your design!


Do you have any questions about the recent completion of a vehicle graphic package for the local business? Would you like to hear the advantages that are offered with your specific business and these products? Reach out to our experts and we will share these answers and more!


Written by: Paramount Signs – Downingtown, Pennsylvania